CDTC Hero of the Month

Each month, CDTC staff nominate one of our children as our Hero of the Month. Each of these special boys and girls are heroes in our eyes. They show strength, perseverance, determination and a positive outlook while facing great challenges.

Their stories are powerful and heartwarming and reflect the impact CDTC and you, our community, has on their daily lives.

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Our Heroes

CDTC December 2017 Hero of the Month – Sagota

Sagota was born into a world filled with challenges. Doctors diagnosed her with Vater Syndrome, a combination of several birth defects that frequently occur together and affect multiple areas of the body. Sagota’s physical and genetic anomalies required more than 12...

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“When I think what a hero is, it comes down to being brave. Leia’s family is brave. Despite all the challenges and setbacks with her development, they’ve never given up. They have always kept going with what they’ve learnt. Leia is such an amazing little girl that has...

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Going from Fear to Hugs Makes Twins Our Heroes

From Worst Fears to Warm Hugs – Twins Become CDTC Heroes Twins Jemi and Jemmy first visited CDTC’s Dentist, Dr. Alonso, for a routine cleaning when the clinic opened in 2014. They were just 3 years old at the time. The boys gave new meaning to being scared of...

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Finding the Positive When Your Different

Michael is a 13-year-old boy who lives with his mother, father and little sister. Mom and Dad could not wait for Michael to be born. When Michael arrived, his parents learned he had amniotic band syndrome. For Michael, the bands that cut off his blood supply in utero...

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Solana Finds Health and a Future of Possibilities

Solana was born in Argentina in 2006 with a diagnosis of Neutropenia, which is an abnormally low concentration of neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) in the blood. As a result, Solana was at great risk of infection on a daily basis. This prevented her from any...

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Caitlan’s Accomplishments Makes Us Proud

Caitlan Surgeon was born in 1998. Life was not easy for her family. Her young mother, Josephine, raised Caitlan on her own with a little support from Caitlan’s father. The duo overcame challenges with their health as well as housing, immigration, employment and times...

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Ebony prepares for a future on her own.

18-year-old Ebony is no stranger to struggle. A CDTC patient since 1999, she’s been part of our family for nearly all her life. She started the TAFT program two months ago. And, as she begins her journey into adulthood, her health and medical issues are just one small...

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CDTC April Hero of the Month

Meet Pierce Pierce is an adorable ex-preemie born seven weeks early. His parents brought him to Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center’s Early Steps Program with developmental and communication concerns when he was 15 months old. The Multidisciplinary team...

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Our Hero, Tyler

A Bundle of Energy At first glance, 5-year-old Tyler is just another energetic, outgoing little boy. Walking into CDTC for his appointment, he’s all smiles and excited to have gotten out of school early to have his picture taken. Meeting with his Care Coordinator...

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Life’s Blessings

Today, Blessin is a happy and healthy five year old girl, but she had a difficult and frightening start to life. Blessin was born premature and weighed just three pounds. Her mother underwent an emergency C-section and she was born with water in her brain. She spent...

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Tony’s Goal: Independence

Tony is a vibrant and intelligent 18 year old teenager who has been coming to Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center since he was just 10 days old. Tony was born with Cerebral Palsy and also suffers from hearing loss. CDTC provides many valuable services that...

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Nick Gives Back in the Research Program

Nick is a 24 year old young man who is a true success story! He began his care at CDTC at age 8 and participated in an innovative global study through our Research Program because he wanted to help others. Nick’s desire to help others has not changed; today, he...

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