Hero of the Month Jayce

Sixteen-year-old Sebastian has been seeing CDTC pediatrician Dr. Lafrance since he was a baby. The doctor saw him for severe reflux and breathing problems, as well as other childhood ailments.

Little did his family know that their connection with CDTC would become a special lifeline nearly a decade later.

Patricia & Luis, Sebastian’s parents, were shocked and confused when doctors diagnosed their little boy with cancer. No one in their family had a history of the disease. They did not know what to do. Let alone who to trust.

The Lift a Child to Health Program enhanced Dr. Lafrance’s care. It provided a medical care coordinator to help the family understand the diagnosis and navigate Sebastian’s care.

“CDTC has the ability to make things happen and really help families,” shared mom Patricia. “It is the attention, consistency, support, and sensitivity to what the family is going through (that makes a difference).”

Sebastian had a carcinoid tumor growing on his appendix. Doctors needed to remove his appendix.

He doesn’t have cancer now. However, he isn’t in remission either. His cancer is non-active. His family and specialists continue to monitor his health.

Through it all, Sebastian’s mom has always been very proud of his ability to manage his medical condition and his motivation to live life to its fullest.

This past summer, Sebastian’s Care Coordinator, Carlos, connected him to a job program. They provided him with training and assigned him to a clerical position.

Sebastian saved his money with a purpose. He recently bought his first plane ticket to Barcelona, Spain. He plans to visit his relatives in Spain for his birthday in November.

His relatives abroad were so moved by his efforts, they bought him train tickets to travel throughout Spain, France, and Portugal to visit family he has never had the chance to meet.

The family is beyond grateful for the love and support Sebastian’s CDTC Care Team provides. They have received emotional and financial support when they needed it most.

Sebastian looks forward to his upcoming transition into CDTC’s TAFT Program, which will help him continue to build his independence and prepare for the adult healthcare system.

Nominated by Carlos Camacho, Care Coordinator, LCH

About our Hero of the Month

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