Beyond Medicine, Into the Heart of Care

Beyond Medicine, Into the Heart of Care

As a Patient Centered Medical Home, we surround our families with easy to access, on-site services that break down every barrier to healthcare. A trip to our Pediatric &  Adolescent Primary Care Clinic or our Dental Clinic is more than just a doctor’s visit.

But, insurance doesn’t cover everything. That’s why your gifts to our children are so important. Without you, we would have to cut back or lose services vital to patient care – such as Telephone Triage to help worried parents, on-site Phlebotomy and so many other social services that go to the heart of what we do.

Make a gift to ensure a child with special healthcare needs’ next visit to our Clinics.

Your gift this year will help cover what insurance doesn’t pay and keep our boys and girls healthier!

  • Help Us Meet Our Goal of $30,000!! 35% 35%

Your Support Helps Kids Like Osiris & Odin



Twin brothers Osiris and Odin came to CDTC when they were a few months old. Born at only 28 weeks, the premature babies needed medical care and early intervention services. Both were having feeding issues. Both needed extensive medical follow-up. Without help, they...

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How can your gift help a child with special needs? 

  • $700 can help cover the cost of a child’s visits to our Primary Care and Dental Clinics
  • $600 can help cover the gap in costs for a child’s care in our Pediatric Clinic this year
  • $250 can help with the purchase of new medical equipment
  • $100 is enough to ensure a child receives their primary care wellness visit this year
  • $50 can help provide one child with a checkup, x-rays and cleaning in our Dental Clinic
  • $25 would help provide basic supplies in our clinics