cdtc Sunflowers

cdtc Sunflowers

The cdtc SUNFLOWERS is a group of dedicated, like minded volunteers who “give back” and brighten the lives of children and their families. Established in 1997 as their own 501(c)3 corporation, the group evolved over the years into an organization of almost 100 men and women.

Their mission is to support the patients and programs of the Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center, and their vision is a world where our children are as healthy as possible and their family’s lives are filled with hope.

Their programs include providing canvas totes filled with basic needs for every new mom; the food pantry called “Bare Necessities” gives out over 850 pounds of food every month to needy families; the Primary Care Center receives almost $45,000 every year from their fund raisers. Thanks to the Children’s Library, every new patient receives their own books to read at home. Hundreds of books from school drives and other donations keep this project going strong.  Moms are treated twice a year to a new handbag or piece of jewelry (again from generous donations from the community).

Sunflower projects:

  •       Fundraising
  •       Maintaining a food pantry
  •       Providing basic necessities to new CDTC families
  •       Introducing and promoting reading through our children’s library
  •       Hosting special events for CDTC moms
  •       Providing, collecting, and wrapping holiday gifts for over 2,000 children
  •       And more……

If you’re interested in learning more about the cdtc Sunflowers, please visit their website at or email them at . You can also download the membership form and place it in the mail.  A Sunflower will be in touch to get you started!