Get Involved

We thrive because you care – it’s that simple! Through the generosity of our supporters, we are able to provide the best quality care and resources for the children and their families who come to CDTC.

Curious about how YOU can make a difference? Here are some ways you can change lives:

Become a CDTC Volunteer – Our volunteers assist with everything from administrative duties to event support staff.

Become a CDTC Transformer – CDTC Transformers provide financial contributions and support through their resources to assist our organization throughout the year. Learn how you can make recurring donation and help the children and families of CDTC with your time.

Join the cdtc Sunflowers – More than just a volunteer, the cdtc Sunflowers work throughout the year to not only support our events but also to raise awareness about CDTC in the community. Learn more about joining our wonderful group of friends!