Hero of the Month - Jacob

Independence is a major priority for 21-year-old Jacob and his family.

Jacob suffered a stroke when he was born. The resulting trauma led to Cerebral Palsy and seizures. The diagnosis would change the lives of his entire family.

Jacob’s parents worked hard to provide him with the best care and opportunities. His developmental needs, therapies, and health took a forefront.

However, battling primary care doctors for referrals and finding appropriate care was difficult on their own.

Life became easier when the family discovered CDTC’s Primary Care Center & Dr. Lafrance. It wasn’t long before they joined the Center’s medical home program. Now they had a dedicated person to help.

Today, Jacob is part of the TAFT Program for young adults and teens. Standing for Transitioning Adolescents Forward into Tomorrow, the program is focused on helping clients learn to become independent.

Jacob is aging out of pediatric care. At some point, he will be on his own to navigate doctors, therapies, and insurance. TAFT’s goal is to help him prepare to take on those responsibilities successfully and maintain his health.

Jacob’s TAFT Care Coordinator, Jazmin, is just a phone call away. He knows she will always make time to help and remain patient as he learns. Jazmin provides the encouragement he needs to become fully independent.

Dr. Lafrance already brags about how independent he is – making his own appointments, coming to visits on his own, and completing his own medical forms.

Jacob has graduated from high school. He’s now attending Broward College and learning how to drive.

It takes double the effort to pass his classes. It’s also taking time to fit into the new college setting. But he is giving it his all.

His super positive attitude about his life today and his future make his family and CDTC proud.

Nominated by Jazmin Smith, Care Coordinator, TAFT Program

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About our Hero of the Month

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