Back to School Drive

Back to School Drive

Help a child with special needs get ready for a great school year!

CDTC’s Annual Back to School Drive kicks off in July. We need your help filling backpacks for more than 800 boys and girls!

You can help by starting a collection at work, school or any small businesses you frequentOr simply purchase a few supplies at one of the awesome sales and drop them off.

Have a Business or Group That Wants to Help?
Start a School Supply Drive

1. Sign Up using the form to the right so we can track and share your efforts.

2. Download one of our fliers and/or social media images to help promote your drive.

CDTC Back to School Flier | Social Media Image

3. Set up a collection box in a common area or plan a time and place for everyone to bring their items.

4. Schedule a time to deliver your collection to the center and celebrate your good work!

Delivering Your Supplies

Delivery Deadline: August 8, 2019

Please schedule your delivery in advance so we may assist you when you arrive. Contact Ashley at 954.728.1019 or

Deliver to: CDTC | 1401 S Federal Hwy | Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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Spiral Notebooks
Composition Books

Glue Sticks

Colored Pencils
Notebook Paper
Pocket Folders

Beyond Medicine, Into the Heart of Care

Beyond Medicine, Into the Heart of Care

As a Patient Centered Medical Home, we surround our families with easy to access, on-site services that break down every barrier to healthcare. A trip to our Pediatric &  Adolescent Primary Care Clinic or our Dental Clinic is more than just a doctor’s visit.

But, insurance doesn’t cover everything. That’s why your gifts to our children are so important. Without you, we would have to cut back or lose services vital to patient care – such as Telephone Triage to help worried parents, on-site Phlebotomy and so many other social services that go to the heart of what we do.

Make a gift to ensure a child with special healthcare needs’ next visit to our Clinics.

Your gift this year will help cover what insurance doesn’t pay and keep our boys and girls healthier!

  • Help Us Meet Our Goal of $30,000!! 35% 35%

Your Support Helps Kids Like Osiris & Odin



Twin brothers Osiris and Odin came to CDTC when they were a few months old. Born at only 28 weeks, the premature babies needed medical care and early intervention services. Both were having feeding issues. Both needed extensive medical follow-up. Without help, they...

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How can your gift help a child with special needs? 

  • $700 can help cover the cost of a child’s visits to our Primary Care and Dental Clinics
  • $600 can help cover the gap in costs for a child’s care in our Pediatric Clinic this year
  • $250 can help with the purchase of new medical equipment
  • $100 is enough to ensure a child receives their primary care wellness visit this year
  • $50 can help provide one child with a checkup, x-rays and cleaning in our Dental Clinic
  • $25 would help provide basic supplies in our clinics
Toy Drive Sign Up

Toy Drive Sign Up

Let us know about your toy drive!

Is this your first CDTC Toy Drive?

9 + 14 =

Donations can be delivered to CDTC during operating hours, M-F 8:30am – 5:30pm.
1401 S Federal Hwy; Fort Lauderdale, FL 33313
Contact Mary Beth at 954.728.1019 for questions or more information.

Healthy Diet, Healthier Kids

Healthy Diet, Healthier Kids

CDTC is dedicated to the providing our clients with the best health possible, looking at everything that affects their well-being; including nutrition.

For many of us, good nutrition is simply about making healthy food choices that are the key to good mental and physical health. But for the children at Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center (CDTC), choosing an apple over candy isn’t the most pressing concern.

Pediatric Dietitian Elizabeth Donahue carries a caseload of about 250 children in the CDTC Extraordinary Children, Healthy Outcomes (ECHO) Program. The boys and girls she sees are all medically fragile and their challenges unique.

Good Nutrition For All Ages

“My favorite, is working with babies,” shares Elizabeth. When it comes to our infants, she is passionate about helping parents work through challenges with everything from low-weight and reflux to rejecting formula and nursing. In fact, one of her first, most-memorable patients was a three-year-old autistic girl still nursing. Working alongside therapists, she successfully helped ween the growing girl to establish a healthy diet.

However, Donahue’s days are not just spent tending to infants’ needs. Her patients run from birth to age 17. So, she spends a lot of time working closely with our kids’ schools to advocate with, and sometimes for, parents whose children require special feeding plans. Children with special needs already struggle with their health and developmental delays that set them behind in school. Having the right sustenance at the appropriate times is not just healthy, it’s imperative.

Working with families also means being an educator. Donahue teaches parents about choosing the right foods for allergies and special dietary needs. And, that also means educating them about how to read food labels. Do you know how many ingredients are really just another word for sugar or milk? Her patients need to know how to identify what they should and should not eat.

Food security is another issue Elizabeth tackles with her families. Her work includes field trips to the store to teach parents to shop smart. Selecting healthy foods for the pickiest eaters, meals and snacks that create good eating habits, and accomplishing all of this without breaking the family’s food budget are all challenges that could potentially become a barrier to good nutrition and good health.

So next time you read about our CDTC’s multidisciplinary approach to care, know that somewhere Elizabeth is working hard to help in her own very special way.

CDTC April Hero of the Month

CDTC April Hero of the Month

Meet Pierce

Pierce is an adorable ex-preemie born seven weeks early.

His parents brought him to Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center’s Early Steps Program with developmental and communication concerns when he was 15 months old.
The Multidisciplinary team concurred and quickly went to work on a therapeutic plan to help him and his family.

Pierce was shy and withdrawn with his therapists until last year.

As a 2-year-old diagnosed with Autism, he had difficulty engaging with them and wasn’t even interested in playing. There were many sessions where they spent the entire time just trying to comfort Pierce and make him feel at ease.

PierceThen, by chance, they discovered Pierce’s love of music and dancing.

So, they did what came naturally and joined in doing silly dances with him. That little connection was all it took. Pierce started to make steady gains in all areas of his therapy. He began to play games, happily participated in activities with others and found his voice.

“We do fist bumps, say ‘I love you!’, and ‘see you later alligator… after while crocodile’,” shares his developmental therapist.

The once quiet, withdrawn Pierce has transformed into the happy, dancing, playful, talkative Pierce that we know today. While there are still challenges ahead, we are all happy and excited to know that he will continue to make progress and face those challenges with that smile we all love to see.

Now at age 3, Pierce has been transitioned from the Early Steps program and starts with the Broward County school system this month.


Make Gift Today To Help Kids Like Pierce!

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Only you can help CDTC go Beyond Medicine, Into the Heart of Care

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