Don’t Forget Dental Care for Special Needs Kids

Don’t Forget Dental Care for Special Needs Kids

It’s Easy to Forget About Dental Care

Balancing all of the appointments and needs of a special needs child can be challenging for parents.

CDTC has seen it repeatedly. The appointments to deal with the most pressing medical issues and day-to-day therapy and treatments take priority to keep their kids healthy. Of course, they need to focus on their job, maintaining their home and the needs of other kids in the family too.

Imagine now you need to find a dentist who can work with kids and understand the unique challenges of treating a child with special needs. Oh, and then you have to take time to go to another appointment.

It’s no wonder dental care often takes a back seat.

Meeting Our Kids’ Needs

A special needs child often requires services that are more extensive and a special dentist who knows how to deal with their additional physical and developmental challenges. Children with Downs Syndrome and other genetic disorders can have malformed or extra teeth erupt, or congenitally missing teeth. Crowding, poor alignment and impaired immune systems can leave our kids prone to gum disease and tooth decay because their teeth are difficult to keep clean.

A Healthy Mouth is Good For Your Body

Good oral and dental hygiene helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease – and helps you keep your teeth as you get older. Research shows a healthy mouth may help you ward off medical disorders too. But, an unhealthy mouth, especially for a child with a weakened immune system, can spread infection in the bloodstream and lead to a whole host of other medical issues.

These are just some of the reasons why CDTC introduced our dental program in 2014. Now a one-stop-shop, children can receive both their primary medical care and dental services in the same place. And they don’t have to worry about our dentist not understanding their medical needs or the very special care required to help our kids.

See Our Dental Program In Action

Our Hero, Tyler

Our Hero, Tyler

A Bundle of Energy

At first glance, 5-year-old Tyler is just another energetic, outgoing little boy. Walking into CDTC for his appointment, he’s all smiles and excited to have gotten out of school early to have his picture taken. Meeting with his Care Coordinator Sasha in the hallway, he’s quick to point out the details he remembers from their last meeting months ago. What snacks she offered; what he had to drink; what Mom asked for. Not a single detail escapes his impressively, sharp mind.

It’s hard to believe the challenges that same little boy faced beginning before he was even born. Continue reading