Our Hero, Tyler

Our Hero, Tyler

A Bundle of Energy

At first glance, 5-year-old Tyler is just another energetic, outgoing little boy. Walking into CDTC for his appointment, he’s all smiles and excited to have gotten out of school early to have his picture taken. Meeting with his Care Coordinator Sasha in the hallway, he’s quick to point out the details he remembers from their last meeting months ago. What snacks she offered; what he had to drink; what Mom asked for. Not a single detail escapes his impressively, sharp mind.

It’s hard to believe the challenges that same little boy faced beginning before he was even born.

Something’s Wrong

Tyler’s mom knew before he was born that something was wrong with her youngest child. At 32 weeks, Roberta wasn’t showing as she expected and was suffering from headaches and swelling unlike anything she had experienced in her past two pregnancies. An emergency trip to the doctor would reveal she had hypertension.

The condition prevented Tyler’s growth and development. But there was no time to address it. Mom’s health was at risk too. By the end of her visit, Roberta was heading into the delivery room.

Tyler was born weighing only 2lbs 7oz. The fear of his sudden delivery was followed by the agonizing reality of the medical issues he would face.

Helping TylerFinding the Heart of Care

The hospital immediately referred Roberta and Tyler to CDTC’s Early Steps Program after their discharge. And it is here that both would find the caring of an extended family to see them through the crisis and into a happy future.

“The doctor didn’t just pass Tyler along,” shares Roberta. “You can see the warmth from the staff from the front desk, to the nurses and doctors.”

Tyler’s doctor and Care Coordinator Christine helped her understand the medical issues they were facing – developmental delays, CDTC accommodated her schedule and helped her juggle the appointments, treatments and therapies Tyler needed to stay healthy. And, the convenience of therapy in her home meant Roberta could meet Tyler’s needs while continuing to work and care for her two older daughters.

Tyler is just beginning to understand his medical issues and the impact they have on his everyday life. Breathing exercises aren’t fun but are necessary to help his asthma. Playing organized sports like his friends requires an okay from his doctors who still monitor his heart and lungs.

What Does His Future Hold?

Despite a few limitations and extra care, Tyler’s life is pretty normal. He goes to day care 5 days a week and is getting ready for Pre-K. Saturdays are for cartoons and helping mom around the house. He constantly challenges and argues with his 13-year-old sister Syrah while following and emulating his youngest sister Alicia. He just learned to ride a bike without training wheels and is hard at work teaching his cousin to do the same.

This outstanding little boy has made it this far thanks to the support of everyone at CDTC. And, that includes you. Your gifts to our children empower our staff, nurses and doctors to give our families more medicine. Together we can truly care for our kids’ needs and help them reach the best possible future.

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