Eight-year-old Willaiyah just joined the cheerleading squad. To see her dance and dash through the halls you would never believe at one time she had challenges walking.

CDTC has always been a part of Willaiyah’s life. Mom Maudeline turned to CDTC for help right after Willaiyah was born. Dr. Lafrance and her ECHO Care Coordinator Alison have spent a lot of time answering mom’s questions.

What is Cerebral Palsy? What does that mean? What will Willaiyah’s future hold?

Getting into the Early Steps Program and beginning therapies was crucial for Williayah’s development. Those therapies continued after the family aged out of the program.

Mom works hard to care for and empower Willaiyah. And it shows.

Willaiyah doesn’t feel like she’s any different from her sisters. She kept up with them even when she had difficulties walking.

“She wasn’t going to be left behind,” shares her Care Coordinator Alison. “She lives life that way.”

Willaiyah’s perseverance and tenacity has paid off.

Today, the staff in the Primary Care Center know when Willaiyah has arrived. Dr. Lafrance, warmly welcomes a visit with the “Willi’s,” an affectionate term for Willaiyah and her sisters whose names all start the same. There are always lots of smiles and hugs as they begin the next visit.

“She’s gone above and beyond,” shares Dr. Lafrance. “She just keeps going, so in my eyes she is a Hero.”

Nominated by Alison Ibarrondo, Care Coordinator, ECHO

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