Parker Graduates with CDTC Honors

Nominated by Kristen Ely, Patient-Centered Medical Home & Quality Manager

Parker arrived for his first appointment with Dr. Maria not long after he was born. He was very fragile coming out of the NICU. That was 21 years ago.

Today, Parker has graduated from High School and will soon be graduating from CDTC. Over the years he and mom Katie have been a part of almost every CDTC program.

Early Steps helped mom deal with his global delay. Dr. Maria and later Dr. Robinson would oversee his medical care and help manage his seizure disorder in our Primary Care Center. Our medical home programs ECHO(Extraordinary Children, Healthy Outcomes) and then TAFT (Transitioning Adolescents Forward into Tomorrow) would provide the family with a Care Coordinator to lend resources and support. Dr. Alonso even sees him in our Dental Clinic.

For mom Katie, discovering CDTC was a blessing. The staff were the experts there to help find the answers. And, everyone was always so welcoming and happy to see the family.

Of course, Parker’s infectious smile endears him to everyone at the Center.

In 2010, mother and son caught our eye and were featured as a Kids Wish Hero. For Katie, this honor was just one of the many opportunities and activities that she appreciates about the Center. The family loves the small special events they were invited to. She loves the Center so much that she accepted an invitation to join our Family Advisory Board.

Over the years, mom has been faithful in caring for Parker. Appointments were kept. Medicine was taken.
Parker graduated from high school last year with a special diploma. It was a proud day for both of them.

With graduation to adult care approaching, Katie and Parker will both miss the visits and the support of their CDTC Care Team.

Katie remembers doctors advising her when Parker was born to consider “letting him go” because his quality of life would be so low. Looking back now, she’s very proud to see how helpful and kind he is. “I couldn’t be happier where he is today.”

About our Hero of the Month

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Their stories are powerful and heartwarming and reflect the impact CDTC and you, our community, has on their daily lives.

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