Michael’s Heroic Family

Love. Acceptance. Dedication. Understanding.

For Michael’s family, this gets them through their hard days.

Michael, now 21, was born with Cerebral Palsy. He is quadriplegic, bound to his wheelchair or bed throughout the day. He also requires extensive medical care, including g-tube feedings and deep suctioning to prevent aspiration. His mother takes him to six different medical specialists to manage his health, and he receives skilled in-home nursing care through an agency.

The family brought Michael to CDTC and Dr. Maria’s care over twenty years ago. They appreciate having access to so many services in one place and such a knowledgeable team on their side that understands patients with such complex issues.

Their CDTC Care Coordinator has had a major impact on the family’s ability to care for Michael. Keeping track of appointments with so many specialists and finding services could have been overwhelming, but their coordinator plays a major role in helping them keep it all together.

Michael’s parents, four younger siblings and grandparents do whatever it takes to make Michael feel safe, loved and comfortable. They will put everything else aside to ensure his care.

Unfortunately when Michael turned 21 last month he was no longer eligible for the nursing hours he was receiving as he transitioned to adult insurance. CDTC is working with his family to overcome the insurance obstacles and to ensure his nursing hours are restored.

Michael’s family is so proud of him. He’s a fighter And he has a smile that continues to brighten every room.

Nominated by Jazmin Smith, Care Coordinator, TAFT/LCH

About our Hero of the Month

Each month, CDTC staff nominate one of our children as our Hero of the Month. These special boys and girls are heroes in our eyes. They show strength, perseverance, determination and a positive outlook while facing great challenges.

Their stories are powerful and heartwarming and reflect the impact CDTC and you, our community, has on their daily lives.

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