J’lynn’s Heroic Habits

Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center’s (CDTC) Dental Clinic is an exciting place when J’lynn has an appointment. The loquacious eight-year-old looks forward to her visits.

J’lynn first sat in the dental chair when she was two. Even at that young age, she was always comfortable and very observant.

Dental Hygienist Lystra Donegan is always impressed by J’lynn’s eagerness to have her teeth cleaned and the questions the little girl likes to ask. J’lynn always likes to know what is going on. While she loves to ask questions and talk, she’s a bright spot in the day for the dental team during visits.

Her mom Cam isn’t quite sure what J’lynn is most excited about when it’s time for her routine visits – the cleaning or the little bag of supplies and goodies she leaves with.

Either way, J’lynn takes her smile seriously. She paid close attention when the dental team showed her how to brush properly and what could happen if she doesn’t. She insists on brushing before every visit to show her diligence. J’lynn’s working on flossing now and is on her way to excellent oral hygiene habits. Her smile is healthy, and she’s had no dental issues.

The family has been coming to CDTC since J’lynn was a baby when she needed early intervention services from our Early Steps program. They graduated from the program when J’lynn turned three.

Today, they are part of the Center’s Extraordinary Children, Healthy Outcomes (ECHO) program. Their CDTC Care Team helps the family coordinate care between their CDTC pediatrician and seven specialists who help monitor her medical conditions.

For mom, the best part of visits to CDTC are the people who work here. Mom loves how everyone interacts with J’lynn. So many of the staff greet her outgoing and energetic little girl with warmth and care.
Mom also grew to love the care J’lynn received in the Primary Care Center. She’s impressed at how the Care Team are always eager to get down to the bottom of any health issues J’lynn has. It’s worth the drive to come to the Center.

“As long as we can,” shares mom, “we’ll keep going to CDTC.”

Nominated by Lystra Donegan, Dental Hygienist in CDTC’s Dental Clinic

About our Hero of the Month

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