Isabella & Madison

Isabella and Madison were born at only 23 weeks, 6 days. The impossibly tiny micro-preemies weighed just over one pound, Isabella weighing only 1.4lbs and Madison even smaller at 1.3lbs.
Being born so early, both girl’s systems were underdeveloped. Isabella had blood clots and required multiple surgeries including heart and eye surgery. Madison also underwent surgery and battled infections. Both girls required oxygen treatments to develop their lungs.

It was a long road for Mom and Dad, Glorimar and Jared. Both were devoted to the care of their children and remained with their daughters every day. Remarkably, the girls thrived and miraculously were discharged around their original due date without requiring oxygen support.

The family was relieved and emotionally drained from their time at the hospital when they were finally settled in at home. However, like many babies born this early, the girls physical development coupled with their medical issues also left them at high risk for developmental delays. The family quickly discovered bringing providers and therapists from Early Steps at CDTC into their home would be a welcome experience.

Immediately, Isabella and Madison took to their occupational therapist, Debbi. She was warm and friendly and the girls looked forward to seeing her. Debbi, along with a physical therapist, would teach them how to crawl properly, sit properly, and eventually walk. Glorimar noticed after each visit how Isabella and Madison would utilize the techniques they learned, and the girls excelled even faster.

Both girls have also received therapy helping them with sounds and verbalizing words. They’ve had to work hard at increasing their ability to express themselves and socialize with others around them.
At the age of two, the children are now all caught up to their age group. And, the family could not be more grateful for Early Steps and the assistance they received.

About our Hero of the Month

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