Going from Fear to Hugs Makes Twins Our Heroes

Going from Fear to Hugs Makes Twins Our Heroes

From Worst Fears to Warm Hugs – Twins Become CDTC Heroes

Twins Jemi and Jemmy first visited CDTC’s Dentist, Dr. Alonso, for a routine cleaning when the clinic opened in 2014. They were just 3 years old at the time.

The boys gave new meaning to being scared of the dentist.

“The first few visits were really bad,” remembers Dr. Alonso. “They would not sit in the chair. They were extra scared.”

Staff would see them coming and prepare for a difficult appointment. Even mom says she can remember when the boys would just see their gowns and scream in fear. Of course, they didn’t understand what was happening. The boys just always expected shots at the end of the hallway.

Three years, and lots of patience and care later, the boys have overcome their intense fear of the dentist thanks to our CDTC Dental Team. And, that’s what makes them heroes to Dr. Alonso and her staff.

Together they worked through the boys’ fears. Today, they associate their dentist visits and their cleanings with good feelings and nice people.

Now when they come for a cleaning, they rush in and want hugs!

“It’s really special,” shares Dr. Alonso.