Yusuf’s Heroic CDTC Journey

June 2020 | Primary Care Center

Telehealth has been a gift these days for Whannda, mother of three, including 9-year-old Yusuf who is living with Autism. The new format adopted by CDTC during the pandemic is a convenience for the mom who usually has to travel with three kids from Miramar to see Dr. Robinson. In some ways the experience is better.

“It’s like she’s right in front of me,” shares Whannda. The kids are so excited for the appointment, they get dressed up to sit in front of the camera. Whannda likes that she can sit with their physician, voice her concerns and get the same wonderful care.

Whannda swears by CDTC. The entire staff, in fact. It’s one of the best things to happen to the family. It was just chance that she met another CDTC mom at a therapist’s office when she was distressed over her son’s care.

She knew there was something wrong. Yusuf, then 2 years old, had regressed and stopped talking. Her doctors seemed unsympathetic and she felt they were not listening. She didn’t want to wait.

The CDTC mom she met in the waiting room couldn’t say enough about the physicians in the Primary Care Center. Her care coordinators in Early Steps and later the ECHO program would become a lifeline of help.

It’s not just Dr. Robinson and her social workers who are so wonderful. “I don’t mind waiting (at appointments),” shares Whannda. “Everyone is welcoming and happy to see the family.”

Yvonne is the best nurse. She’s simply wonderful with the entire family. When Dr. Robinson is out, Whannda knows Dr. Lafrance will step in and take great care of her kids. Then there’s Ms. Mary. There doesn’t seem to be enough words about how great this “miracle worker” is. Whannda can always count on Ms. Mary to reach her and step in to help.

The working mom is vigilant in Yusuf’s care. Today he is in intensive therapy four to five times each week. Physical therapy because he’s a little wobbly on his feet. Occupational therapy helps him deal with sensory overload that plagues his daily routines. And speech therapy to aid in communication and improve his pronunciation.

In addition to autism, Yusuf was diagnosed with ADHD. Mom is constantly working with specialists to balance therapy with medications – changing meds and dosages as he grows. Normally he burns off energy playing outdoor sports and, his favorite activity, swimming.

Through it all, Yusuf is a sweet, happy and affectionate boy. He doesn’t like to see anyone in distress and always wants to ease their pain. And, he loves to hug.

I nominated Yusuf as our Hero of the Month as I have seen his social interactions and behaviors improve over the last 3+ years that I have known him.  His mom has worked as a team member with the medical home team and all of his various doctors and therapists to provide him with the medicines and interventions he needs to achieve the best outcome for him and give him a better quality of life.  Yusuf showcases how and why the programs at CDTC are so vital in the lives of the clients we serve.

Dr. Lisagaye Robinson

Pediatrician, Primary Care

About our Hero of the Month

Each month, CDTC staff nominate one of our children as our Hero of the Month. These special boys and girls are heroes in our eyes. They show strength, perseverance, determination and a positive outlook while facing great challenges.

Their stories are powerful and heartwarming and reflect the impact CDTC and you, our community, has on their daily lives.

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