Sarah is Looking Toward the Future

Twenty-one-year-old Sarah is about to successfully complete the CDTC TAFT Program and age out of our care. She is stepping into adulthood as a confident, prepared young woman.

Sarah and her family moved to Florida when she was in her teens. She began seeing Dr. Lafrance and joined the ECHO program more than eight years ago to help treat her asthma and obesity, chronic issues she’s dealt with her entire life.

Today, her Taft Care Coordinator Erica has been working closely with Sarah as she prepares to transition to adult care. The process has been a true test for the pair as they faced a new health challenge.

A New Challenge While Transitioning

For Sarah and her family, the diagnosis of Keratoconus “came out of nowhere.” The progressive eye disease often hits teens and young adults, coming on quickly. The condition changes the shape of the eye and, if untreated, can result in a loss of vision.

It’s all affected Sarah deeply. She sees a retina specialist, ophthalmologist, corneal specialist and has been to the Bascom Palmer Institute. She underwent a corneal transplant to save her vision. While her vision is better now, she is still self conscious about how her eye looks.

That’s not the only challenge Erica has helped Sarah address. The diagnosis has been a financial burden on her family too.
Sarah is no longer eligible to receive the children’s Medicaid that once supported her care. As a working adult, she doesn’t qualify for Medicaid. Her job as a Communications Specialist at Broward Health Medical Center provides insurance to help.

However, the many copays make it a struggle. There are so many appointments, specialists and medications to pay for. Budgeting has become an important part of Sarah’s learning process.

“Always get a second opinion, stick to your medication regimen and go to a good specialist,” is her best advice to young adults facing a difficult diagnosis.

Saying Goodbye to CDTC’s Care

This June, she will officially graduate from the TAFT Program. Looking back, Sarah appreciates the help and community resources Dr. Lafrance provided to her and her family.

“The people at CDTC really care about you and go above and beyond to satisfy your needs,” Sarah shares.
Erica isn’t worried. She’s watched Sarah mature and blossom over the years. Sarah is 100% ready and has shown she is very responsible when it comes to managing her health and her healthcare thanks to a little guidance from CDTC.

*pictured above: Sarah & her Care Coordinator Erica

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