Ebony prepares for a future on her own.

Ebony prepares for a future on her own.

18-year-old Ebony is no stranger to struggle. A CDTC patient since 1999, she’s been part of our family for nearly all her life. She started the TAFT program two months ago. And, as she begins her journey into adulthood, her health and medical issues are just one small part of her concerns and goals.

Ebony works hard every day to manage her own medical concerns including an unspecified heart condition, syncope (fainting), and asthma. She calls in almost daily with information about how she is feeling and symptoms so that her CDTC team of nurses and doctors can keep an eye on her well-being. In addition to her own health, the remarkable teen has been a caregiver to her sick mother who is now in hospice care.

Working Towards the Future

While Ebony is enrolled in school, she frequently misses classes due to her own medical concerns and caring for her mother. But, completing her education is important enough that Ebony is working with her Care Coordinator to find a life skills program where she will also be able to obtain her GED.

In the meantime, the Ebony applied, interviewed and was hired for a position at McDonalds recently. The TAFT program continues to be an integral support system in the workplace. She received a bus pass to help get to and from work each day. Her Care Coordinator also counsels her about how to ensure her supervisor can accommodate her health needs while at work.

The TAFT program is an integral part of Ebony’s life as she prepares for a future on her own. This impressive young woman is already keeping up with her own appointments and maintaining her own healthcare. Her team is proud of her efforts and certain that she will continue to work hard to maintain her health and create a better future.