Daniel is a TAFT Hero!

Daniel is a TAFT Hero!

CDTC has always been a part of seventeen-year-old Daniel’s life. He was admitted to the NICU after he was born. Complications lead to a diagnosis of chronic kidney issues which he battles to this day and which lead his family to ours.

He had two surgeries before being discharged from the NICU, and has had at least eight more surgeries throughout his life. When he was five-years-old, one of his kidneys was removed because it was not functioning properly.

Living with one kidney requires Daniel and his family to watch his health very closely. His CDTC primary care physician, urologist, cardiologist, and nephrologist all work together to monitor his lab work. They make adjustments to his treatment plan as needed to ensure his remaining kidney functions ideally.

Daniel and his family credit the Center’s various programs for where they are at today. He and his four younger siblings are patients of both our Dental and Pediatric Primary Care Clinics. Daniel began in our Early Steps Program. After the age of three, he became a part of our Medical Home Program, now ECHO. Today he is part of our TAFT (Transitioning Adolescents Forward to Tomorrow) Program. He is working with his Care Coordinator to transition from pediatric to adult care providers and learning to manage his medical care.

“If it wasn’t for CDTC, Daniel would be very sick,” shares his Mom. “CDTC helps in a lot of ways. From having wonderful workers that help to keep track of all the appointments, the different programs, and the wonderful Doctors that help to monitor everything. Without CDTC, I wouldn’t be able to survive. Especially having other kids with special needs. I’m very blessed to have CDTC.”

Today, Daniel is in excellent health. His specialist shares he is doing well for someone with only one kidney. His prognosis is excellent as long as he maintains a strict adherence to his diet and medication regimen.

While he lives a fairly normal life, there is always the wish he could be more active with sports. But he understands the need to protect his kidney and health. He is dedicated to staying healthy. He is graduating high school next year and plans to go to college to pursue a career in economic engineering.

Daniel is a CDTC Hero, because he has proven to himself and everyone in his life he can overcome anything.

*pictured above: Daniel and his Mom. 

About our Hero of the Month

Each month, CDTC staff nominate one of our children as our Hero of the Month. These special boys and girls are heroes in our eyes. They show strength, perseverance, determination and a positive outlook while facing great challenges.

Their stories are powerful and heartwarming and reflect the impact CDTC and you, our community, has on their daily lives.

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