CDTC April Hero of the Month

CDTC April Hero of the Month

Meet Pierce

Pierce is an adorable ex-preemie born seven weeks early.

His parents brought him to Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center’s Early Steps Program with developmental and communication concerns when he was 15 months old.
The Multidisciplinary team concurred and quickly went to work on a therapeutic plan to help him and his family.

Pierce was shy and withdrawn with his therapists until last year.

As a 2-year-old diagnosed with Autism, he had difficulty engaging with them and wasn’t even interested in playing. There were many sessions where they spent the entire time just trying to comfort Pierce and make him feel at ease.

PierceThen, by chance, they discovered Pierce’s love of music and dancing.

So, they did what came naturally and joined in doing silly dances with him. That little connection was all it took. Pierce started to make steady gains in all areas of his therapy. He began to play games, happily participated in activities with others and found his voice.

“We do fist bumps, say ‘I love you!’, and ‘see you later alligator… after while crocodile’,” shares his developmental therapist.

The once quiet, withdrawn Pierce has transformed into the happy, dancing, playful, talkative Pierce that we know today. While there are still challenges ahead, we are all happy and excited to know that he will continue to make progress and face those challenges with that smile we all love to see.

Now at age 3, Pierce has been transitioned from the Early Steps program and starts with the Broward County school system this month.


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