Captains Crew Resources

Thank you for joining the CDTC Captain’s Crew and supporting our children and families!

The following resources will help you in your fundraising efforts. Most importantly, HAVE FUN, BE CREATIVE and BE GENUINE. Accomplish this and you will meet your goal!

If you have questions or need help along the way, please reach out to one of our team members. Jessica Vones at or Vickie Walter at We’re here for you.


Our Fundraising Tips

  • Bee #1! Lead by example. Make the first donation to your page. This shows your commitment and is more comfortable for donors. Who wants to give to a campaign that hasn’t raised anything?
  • Bee Bold! Lots of people are afraid to ask their friends and family for support. It turns out, most of them are actually more than willing to help. Think of it this way, every time you ask, you are giving your friends the opportunity to do something good for kids with special needs.
  • Bee Strong, Share Often!
    • Keep sending messages and sharing the link to your page with friends in social media and keep everyone up to date on your progress.
    • Sample text and images are available below to help start your messages, but always make it personal and in your own words.
  • Bee Smart & Double Down! Check with your employer to see if they will match the funds you raise or at least give a gift.
  • Bee Creative! Challenge your friends & family; have an event (virtual or otherwise); sell your crafts or bake goods & donate the proceeds.
  • Bee Thankful! Send a personal thank you to everyone who donates to your page. If they feel appreciated, they’ll be more likely to support your efforts in the future.
  • Bee Inspiring! Ask your friend to share their support on social media and invite their friends to give to your page.


Sample Text to Help You Share Your Campaign

Feel free to copy any of the text below to help you share your campaign page and ask for donations. The best messages are always personal, so change the words and tell your own story about why you were inspired to help.

Sample Email

Dear (Insert Your Friend’s Name),

I’ve joined Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center’s (CDTC) Captain’s Crew with Captain Lee and have committed to raising $1,300 to provide pediatric primary & dental care for children with special healthcare needs.

Please help me reach this goal and support these children by donating to my page. Every little bit counts. Whether it’s $5 or $50, you are making a difference in the lives of so many families. Your help is incredibly appreciated.

(Insert Your Fundraising Link Here)

CDTC provides pediatric medical & dental care, case management, early intervention services and more to over 11,000 children. Your support helps keep these special children healthy, strengthens their family, stabilizes their home, and gives them a community of support.

Thank you,

(Your Name)


Making a Video to Share

You can share video on your fundraising page and on social media! Here are some prompts to help:

  • Describe your relationship with CDTC
  • What drives you to participate in the campaign?
  • Was there a instance or story that compelled you to act?
  • Was there an experience in your life that connects you with this cause?

Sample Social Media Posts


Sample Facebook Post #1

I joined the #CDTCCaptainsCrew this month to raise funds for children with special needs at @Childrens Diagnostic & Treatment Center. Please help me reach my goal of $1,300 to support primary medical and dental care for 2 kids this year by donating today. Thanks for your help. (Insert fundraising link)


Sample Facebook Post #2

I’m helping children with special needs and their families at @Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center navigate good health this month. Please support this awesome cause by donating to my fundraising page. Thanks for your support. (Insert fundraising link) #CDTCCaptainsCrew


Sample Facebook Post #3

I’ve already raised $###.## to provide medical and dental care for kids with special needs at @Children’s Diagnostic & Treatment Center this year. These children are among the most medically fragile and their families are among the hardest hit financially during thepandemic. They need us to make a difference now more than ever. Click here to donate! (Insert fundraising link) #CDTCCaptainsCrew


Sample Tweet #1

I joined @capthlr and the #CDTCCaptainsCrew to help children with special needs get the medical and dental care they need. Help me reach my $1,300 goal to support the kids at @CDTC (insert fundraising link).


Sample Tweet #2

I’m raising funds this month to help give medical and dental care to children with special needs at @CDTC. These kids are medically fragile, and their families are among the hardest hit financially during the pandemic! They need our help. Donate on my page today. (Insert fundraising link)


Sample Tweet #3

Let’s change lives by helping @CDTC, @captlr and the #CDTCCaptainsCrew. Your donation helps keep kids with special needs healthy, strengthens their family, stabilizes their home, and gives them a community of support. (insert fundraising link)

Images to Share

Click to open an image. The right click and save.

Videos to Share