Unbreakable Spirit of Kemani

Unbreakable Spirit of Kemani

Nine year old Kemani’s resilience amazes us all!

Kemani has been a patient of CDTC since he was two months old. He was born with Spina bifida and has a ventriculoperitoneal (VP) shunt, which drains fluid from his brain. Unfortunately, the shunt has caused him a lot of aggravation over the past year and he has endured numerous hospitalizations and procedures to correct various issues.

However, he has bounced back better than ever! He is very involved in his medical care and has developed an extraordinary rapport with his physician, Dr. Hernandez-Puga, with whom he routinely engages in discussion about his treatment.

A student in the 3rd grade at Maplewood Elementary School, Kemani works hard to maintain good grades and made friends. Despite being wheelchair bound, Kemani excels at kicking a soccer ball. He enjoys being outside and showing off his soccer skills. His remarkable level of energy keeps him very self-sufficient. He loves unique cars, going shopping and is especially fond of spending one-on-one time with his dad.

Kemani has a true unbreakable spirit! Friends and family agree that Kemani’s kindness and caring personality are some of his outstanding traits.

The Medical Team and ECHO program at CDTC think he is terrific!