CDTC Hero of the Month

Each month, CDTC staff nominate one of our children as our Hero of the Month. Each of these special boys and girls are heroes in our eyes. They show strength, perseverance, determination and a positive outlook while facing great challenges.

Their stories are powerful and heartwarming and reflect the impact CDTC and you, our community, has on their daily lives.

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Our Heroes

Don-Seymour is an ECHO Hero

Like so many of our patients, eighteen-year-old Don-Seymour entered CDTC through our Early Steps Program. Born premature, he has developmental delays, ADHD and asthma. Today, he is a part of our ECHO program and recently began receiving Dental Care in our clinic. To...

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Chante’lae is a TAFT Hero

Chante’lae has been coming to CDTC since she was a baby, but it wasn’t until she was eight-years-old that she was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Our very own Dr. Lafrance referred her to Broward Health’s Emergency Department after a visit. She was worried because...

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Renzo is Extraordinary!

Thirteen-year-old Renzo has journeyed through the Center’s programs since he was born. He began in Early Steps to address delays in reaching his milestones. Autistic, but highly functioning, the eighth grader now receives support from our ECHO Program. Renzo can...

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Daniel is a TAFT Hero!

CDTC has always been a part of seventeen-year-old Daniel’s life. He was admitted to the NICU after he was born. Complications lead to a diagnosis of chronic kidney issues which he battles to this day and which lead his family to ours. He had two surgeries before being...

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Nothing Holds Maryam Back

Maryam was born with a bump on her tummy. The birth defect created a pouch that held her abdominal organs outside of her body. The moment the CDTC Care Team met the three-year-old in 2015, they knew her case would be complicated. She could not eat or breathe...

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Melissa is an Early Steps Hero!

Melissa’s pediatrician recommended that she participate in the Early Steps Program when she was 18 months old. He was concerned about her communication skills and possible autism. Her parents shared at intake that she was not using any words to communicate and she...

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CDTC’s Miracle

Miracle came to CDTC when she was 24 weeks-old. She left the NICU with a g-tube to ensure she would get the fluid and calories she needed to grow. She also had deformities in her feet. She received early intervention services through the Early Steps program and is...

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Twin brothers Osiris and Odin came to CDTC when they were a few months old. Born at only 28 weeks, the premature babies needed medical care and early intervention services. Both were having feeding issues. Both needed extensive medical follow-up. Without help, they...

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CDTC December 2017 Hero of the Month – Sagota

Sagota was born into a world filled with challenges. Doctors diagnosed her with Vater Syndrome, a combination of several birth defects that frequently occur together and affect multiple areas of the body. Sagota’s physical and genetic anomalies required more than 12...

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“When I think what a hero is, it comes down to being brave. Leia’s family is brave. Despite all the challenges and setbacks with her development, they’ve never given up. They have always kept going with what they’ve learnt. Leia is such an amazing little girl that has...

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Going from Fear to Hugs Makes Twins Our Heroes

From Worst Fears to Warm Hugs – Twins Become CDTC Heroes Twins Jemi and Jemmy first visited CDTC’s Dentist, Dr. Alonso, for a routine cleaning when the clinic opened in 2014. They were just 3 years old at the time. The boys gave new meaning to being scared of...

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Finding the Positive When Your Different

Michael is a 13-year-old boy who lives with his mother, father and little sister. Mom and Dad could not wait for Michael to be born. When Michael arrived, his parents learned he had amniotic band syndrome. For Michael, the bands that cut off his blood supply in utero...

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